Welcome to Unashamed Online
Romans 1:16 -- "I am not ashamed of the gospel..."
The Book
The kick-off to this
website and inspiration
for more "Unashamed"
projects to come. A
personal "coming out" by
a gay man who is an
unashamed Christian and
who often holds politically
conservative views.
UP vol. 1
The first edition of the
"UP (Unashamed Praise)"
compilation series.
It's like a "WOW" CD of
GLBT Christian artists
celebrating their faith -
without shame!
Listed on the Top 20 CDs
of 2011 by OUTVOICE.
UP vol. 2
But wait - there's more!!!
Continuing in the tradition
of the "WOW" CDs --
UP vol. 2 introduces a
new set of GLBT
Christian artists joining in
the movement of "gay
Christians" who are not
ashamed of their faith.
From the Foreword: "Shawn's rich and profound
passion for God has garnered him much praise, and,
believe it or not, criticism... many of Shawn's critics
come from within the gay community... because
Shawn is either 'not gay enough' or 'too Christian'."
Unashamed Book Review
Compelling... tackles
controversial political
and spiritual issues...
Breaks the typical liberal
mold for gay America...
as quoted by:
Linda Beckstead of
Brenner-Beckstead Ministries
UNASHAMED (the book)
"Coming Out of the Second Closet"
by Shawn Aaron Thomas
published by The Ministry of ARP

No matter what kind of closet you may be
in, I ask you to take a look around. I bet
it's crowded in there. Someone has to be
the first. Go ahead. Open the door. You
are not alone.
Copyright The Ministry of Aaron's Rainbow Project.
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--Brian K. Ladd